By Jacktone Ambuka.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto pleaded with the country to pray for them as they embark on the most traumatizing days of their lives. Both are preparing to fly to The Hague to be held accountable for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court (ICC). The key word from their speeches that struck me was need for “Prayer.” We all need prayers, don’t we? We pray for faith when we are in doubt. We pray for comfort when we are afflicted. We pray for courage when we are fearful. We pray for hope in the face of uncertainty. We pray for healing in sickness. We pray for provision when we are in want.

Prayer changes things, the bible exhorts. But how do you pray for the most powerful men in the country who seem to have it all? Men who are seated on the seats of the Kings? Uhuru and Ruto have instruments and trappings of power to change anything in a blinking of an eye. They have billions to move Mountains. Their names are higher above all names in Kenya. At the mention of their names, shivers are sent down people’s spine. Besides, they have exceptional legal and social networks. It seems it is at such a time as this that our names, wealth and social networks become filthy rags in the presence of God. Which begs the question: How do we pray for Uhuru and Ruto?

Here are three ways. First, pray for the will of God to happen by standing still and seeing the salvation of God for the accused and the victims. Desist from taking sides. Make it none of your business and allow nature (God) and ICC process to take its course. The will of God will boil down to two verdicts- guilty or not guilty. Prayers in this category should be reflective of our Lord’s Prayer in Mathew 6:10. May “your will be done”, Jesus taught. This option appreciates inclusive prayers and acknowledges need for justice for Uhuru, Ruto, Sang’, victims of post-election violence and the country at large.

Secondly, pray for the ICC process to arrive at a ‘not guilty verdict.” Not guilty verdict will be glad tidings for the duo, their families and their supporters. Although not guilty verdict will vindicate Uhuru-Ruto and heal their broken spirits, it will break the hearts of genuine victims of post-election violence who include and are not limited to people who were slaughtered in the church, women who were raped, people whose bodies were deformed and orphans whose fathers and mothers were killed. Victims are still crying in the words of our national anthem: “May justice be our shield and defender.”

Thirdly, pray for a ‘guilty verdict.’ Guilty verdict will definitely send Uhuru and Ruto to hell, literally. Maximum penalty associated with crimes against humanity is as old as Ruto at best and old as Ruto and Uhuru combined at most. Guilty verdict will absolutely put Uhuru and Ruto behind bars for a long time. Moreover, guilty verdict will precipitate political uncertainty due to imminent resignation from their respective offices. It may also lead to confiscation of wealth and properties owned by Uhuru and Ruto for reparation (transitional justice) purposes-compensate victims of post-election violence. Which begs the question: Which option is feasible for you to adopt in your prayers for Uhuru and Ruto?