By Victor Ongoro Owino

‘American marines’ stop police officers from accessing new Raila home

The buzz created by the alleged sh1 billion home of former prime minister and ODM leader Raila Odinga took a new turn yesterday when a contingent of police officers were yesterday blocked from accessing the facility.

According to our source in Kisumu, a community policing group in Kisumu City popularly known as ‘American Marines’ blocked police officers from entering the palatial house which sits atop Riat Hills, overlooking the lakeside city. They were assisted by the now infamous ‘Men in black’, who guarded the recent ODM party NDC in Nairobi.

“Police officers in private vehicles first went to the place at around 10.00am but they were denied access, they came back in the afternoon, this time accessing the home, but ”the men in black” also arrived in time, members of ” American Marine” also arrived around 15 minutes later and blocked the police officers from entering the house itself,” says our source which declined to be named discussing what is now referred to in Kisumu as a ‘security installation’ reveals the source.

He further states, “the police Officers, who claimed they were on official duty to inspect the 74 roomed hillside palatial (home) belonging to former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga had the roughest time of their career after being contained by ” Men In Black” and ”American Marine” for more than two hours.

The 12 police officers who first came to the the place at around 10.00 am , sunday morning were denied access to the house, waiting at the gate for around 20 minutes before going back and coming with a back up of two more police officers making the number to 14. Before they could finish interrogating the two watchmen at the gate, a Nissan matatu KBG, filled with ”Men in Black” arrived and headed directly to the entrance, another Nissan KBA with known local goons allied to ”American Marine” arrived 5 minutes later and according to a watchman , they started hurling insults at The president in dholuo and promising the officers a rough battle ahead.

The police officers tried to force themselves into the house, but ”The men in Black” demanded that they reveal their identity, show their job card and the motive of their inspection. ”I have never seen a police officer frightened as that before” one of the watchman said.
”The men in Black” went a head and locked the doors and this is when the a battle ensued. The police officers’ threat to call for back_up and take an action against them for sabotage didn’t bore any fruit.

” Jo Narobi ka wigi tek” (those people from Nairobi are tough) a watchman at the gate added.

As the officers were about to leave, after around a fruitless attempt to raid the house, the insults from the goons brought them back leading to a small battle that left one man with a broken arm. According to the police officers, they were executing a government duty and ought not to be questioned”

From a simple expose by Star Journalist Nzau Musau, the magnificent house has acquired new status, becoming in the last two days the most talked about building in East and Central Africa!
Interestingly, some locals are blaming the former PM for doing a ‘shoddy’ job on the magnificent building which they say still does not fit the ‘final abode’ of the greatest democrat, resilient entrepreneur and world statesman.
“Jakom’s house should be the only landmark here. It must be clearly seen by google. It should guide air travellers that they are flying over Kisumu,” chest-thumped one Odinga enthusiast.