By Jackton Ambuka

1. Having watched KTN's "check point" clip featuring Ababu Namwamba, I believe Ababu is innocent of corruption allegations.

2. I analyzed his body language-facial expression, physical confidence, tone of voice and use of his hands and I concluded nothing but truth was emanating from him.

3. He is consistent, factual and open to investigation. Those are indicators of a truth telling person.

4. But Arama is a liar. Although he denied the voice on tape isn't his, his statements were inconsistent, an indicator of a lie telling person.

5. Further, Arama is not open to forensic audit of the voice on tape against his original voice. He is not open to release his phone records to corroborate allegations suggesting he called and received a bribe from Mutea Iringo.

6. It seems political shenanigans in ODM are inextricably linked to false allegations leveled against Ababu. They want Ababu out of PAC and out of ODM.

7. Sadly, political shenanigans are diverting attention from critical issues of corrupt deals involving hustler Jet (deputy president William Ruto), office of the president (Mutea Iringo and Francis Kimemia).

8. The office of the president alone swindled about 3 billion shillings. That's a lot of money that can buy medicine for our struggling public hospitals and pay doctors.

9. Now, if the office of deputy president and office of president can have the audacity to steal billions from the public, who can keep the public funds safe?

10. It's like a case of a father who rapes his own daughters and steal from his family. That's a dead family. Kenya as a family is almost dead!