Am wondering what is happening in our aviation departments up to this moment!! Despite all the accidents that have occurred in the past, our aviation experts haven’t thought of a way of protecting those who travel in space. They haven’t done anything thing about it so that when the aircrafts develop mechanical problems in the air, the passengers have no options apart from just biting their teeth and leaving the rest to fate to decide and crying by the names of their parents or the Lord God .

Despite the ignorance or negligence or whatever we can call the conditions of our aviation experts ,but I believe that if we created special traveling suits or apparatus ,accidents like the recent one that involved the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 passenger planes can be avoided .Or, even if we can’t save the entire plane ,but we can save the passengers and the cargo.

The time that it takes for a plane to burst into flames is enough to save all the passengers who would be traveling in the plane. If we trained our travelers on how to use the suits and what to do in case of danger, that time will be enough.

For instance, lets us take the time that it takes a fully loaded Boeing 707 plane to nose dive from the highest allowed altitudes for passenger planes until when it touches the ground and bursts in to flames ,or even until it touches the waters of the high  seas and then sinks to the bottom. If we were prepared for such accidents, just a minute would be enough to throw everyone out and then the parachutes would save them or the life buoys would help them not to sink to the sea bottom. That is it all!!

Now, how to get the right apparatus for air travel will be left to the NASA and the other space research stations to do the research and come up with a collection of apparatus that will serve all these needs. Am confident that if we threw the luggage and the passengers outside to land or on the water safely, we could escape the deaths and the loss of property.

We should make it a must for anyone who wants to travel by aero plane to have the knowledge of how to use a parachute and, we should be wearing the life buoys and air filled boats or other equipment that can enable us to float in the waters in the high seas if the accidents found us there .All these can be gathered into one place and everyone should wear them before the plane starts moving in the airport.

Each and every seat in the plane should be equipped with these equipment and the passengers should be given the time to prepare themselves before the journey starts. They should be shown by the plane staff how the equipment works and what to do incase of emergencies.

I believe that we can save the lives of the passengers plus their luggage’s or air cargo in case of air accidents. We just spill them outside and the apparatus will open automatically and they will keep them alive until help reaches them, even if it took those weeks floating on the waters in the high seas or stuck high in the trees in the thickest parts of the Amazon forest or the African forests.

The NASA and other space research bodies should do something about this, we can avoid these deaths!! The same applies to hat float in the high seas. We should do the same to those who travel by water to avoid the deaths that occur due to the sea accidents.

Understand that we can not do without aero planes and ships therefore you can’t call the sea travelers or air travelers stupid!!! Just let us do something about it!!