We Apologize To Hon Kenneth Marende And People Offended.

Yesterday, I, Jacktone Ambuka-admin BDB, posted a commentary about a court verdict in relation to child support case between honorable Kenneth Marende and anonymous woman. The essence of the post was to discuss how the court arrived at a verdict which seemed to disenfranchise Marende while cushioning the woman as it has been the trend in recent times in such cases involving wealthy men.

The post also wanted to elicit a debate in terms of constitutional stipulations that guide such a case. We also wondered why the woman in question wanted support yet she was constructing a wall between a father and a daughter as exemplified by a case she filed wanting sole custody of the girl. After all, she can't have her cake and eat it.

Sadly, as I was away sleeping; the post generated unnecessary attacks and personal vendetta. With more than 250 comments, it was apparent, things had taken a sour detour. Comments began on a positive note but as it progressed, folks began hurling insults at each other. Others violated personal privacy of Marende. I pulled down the post. It is in this context I take the opportunity to apologize to Marende and everybody who was offended. The comments veered off the original essence of the post.

We have said again and again, whenever we debate let's do it objectively. Let's agree to disagree without demonizing each other. Personal attacks are not tolerated. Above all, we are mostly fallen human beings but standing by the grace of God. Nobody is perfect. We all have our weaknesses and strengths. More importantly, however; our desire is to unite Bunyore and grow Bunyore.