By Jacktone Ambuka

We started a dialogue of uniting Bunyore for the purpose of charting a new beginning. Add your voice and let’s keep the conversation going. Bunyore is plagued by many social challenges that deserve our attention. The standard of education is declining. Poverty is still biting. Some youths still engage in drug abuse and addiction. Girl child has personal challenges that aren’t being addressed. These are issues that Bunyore sons and daughters can tackle. With a little help from our friends who are in Kenya and abroad, we can achieve a lot.

That’s why we have to get-together in the spirit of Christmas so as we can get to know each other, enjoy sumptuous food, toast glasses of drinks, enjoy each other’s company, celebrate Christmas and define a new beginning for a new Bunyore. We may eventually register an organization and create a website through which we will serve and renew Bunyore. This event will be held on December 26, 2013 from 11am-5pm at Uncle Sam’s Place at Emuhaya near District headquarters.

A small contribution of 200kshs was proposed to cater for food. In fact, some individuals have contributed more than 200kshs. The following first men and women have wired their donation: - Bishop Obed Ochwanyi, Mr. Harrison Indimuli, Ms. Norah Anindo, Mr. Andrew Mbuya, Mr. Paul Oponyo, Ms. Miriam Atubwa, Mr. Steve Onyino, Mr. Jairus Ochanda, Ms. Kutai Oyiela Annegracia, Mr. Samwel Andati, Mr. Ernest Oluseno, Ms. Vinora Amutete, Mr. Moses Wilson, Mr. Mheshimiwa Oscar Ndanyi, Mr. Andrew Hezekia, Mr. David Ombete and Ms. Nyak thin thin. The M-Pesa number is 0720461421. Express your commitment by wiring your donation. Are you ready to make friends, enjoy a meal, dance, be blessed by God and chart a new beginning for Bunyore?