By AB Murage EGHMP 

EVANS ODHIAMBO KIDERO, YOU AMAZE ME...did you have to say "Raila's buddies"? That in my view is politically unnecessary! You should have just mentioned the names of those who don't like you or dealt with them without roping in Raila name. Are you also looking for attention and relevance like William Ruto? It seems these guys you go to bed with have infected you with the bad disease. Next, I will not be surprised to hear you blame Raila Odinga for your failures in fulfilling CORD promises to the people of Nairobi as captured in the coalition manifesto.

1.) I know you and your buddies will say that I also do not like you owing to my posts in social and other media about you...posts that date back to that time when you contemptuously refused to accompany your party leader and other CORD members on an international trip to meet with investors amongst other aims.
2.) you and your buddies seems not to know who really doesn't like you. You have refused to open your eyes and look around you. But wait, there is a pebble mid air and you won't know when it hits your forehead and who threw it unless you become smarter than this.
3.) it does not need a scientist to tell you that those who appreciate you will tell you when you go astray. They will criticize you if you do wrong. It does not need a degree to know that those who do not like you will sugarcoat you. They will praise you and cheat you how you have become this overnight messiah.