By Jacktone Ambuka

Life is a mystery to be discovered . Along discovery journey are hills to be climbed and corners to be negotiated. Regardless of our social status, the journey of life isn't easy. We will run into bumps. We will run into slopes.

The journey of life will bring the good in us. It will also bring the bad in us. Sometime we will fall. Other times we will arise and shine. Sometime we will be disappointed and other times we will rejoice and be glad.

But amidst confusion and uncertainty always remember there's hope. Hope in good. Hope in arising. Hope in healing. Hope in success. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The scripture in Jeremiah says God has good plans for us.

We might be down today. But our tomorrow, when we will be up; is coming. We might be disappointed today. But our tomorrow, when we will be happy is on the way coming.

Ultimately, falling never has and never should define us. After all, we are mere mortals. Rising up is what matters, It is what should define us. Remember to be kind to yourself and others.