By Jacktone Ambuka

I, Jacktone Ambuka; administrator for Bunyore Discussion Board just arrived “home” on the saddest report anyone could receive. 68 innocent Kenyans including president’s nephew were slaughtered and hundreds injured in hostage incident at West Gate Mall in Nairobi. I was away attending college students youth camp which was held at Goshen, Virginia USA I was honored to serve as counselor and mentor to young college going Americans. While at the camp, we didn’t have phone service. We couldn’t access internet. I was in the dark.

The news broke my heart. It is difficult to comprehend these gruesome murders of innocent men, women and children. It is even hard to pray. Our spirits are wounded. Our confidence is shaken. Our trust is betrayed. But we remain hopeful in good. Ultimately, good will triumph over evil. The “axis of evil” will be defeated.

My prayers and thoughts go to the bereaved family including our friend Otuma Ongalo and the entire Nation. May the dead rest in peace. Alshabab and Al-Qaeda may run from Nairobi to Canada, Somalia to Minneapolis, Yemen to Washington DC. But they will never find a resting place to hide their evil heads. They use a peaceful religion in vain to kill, displace and cause fear. They will forever run like fugitives without. I have a message for them. Don’t mess with Kenyans. You will be smocked out of your holes and be brought to justice.

Yes, we mourn. Yes, our hearts are broken. Yes, our faith is shaken. Yes, our trust is betrayed. But like eagles we will rise up and fly again. Our trust is not in the man. In God we trust. He is our refuge and a strong tower. We may be down. But in the words of President Kenyatta, “We Are As Brave and Invincible as the Lions on Our Coat Of Arms.” I’ am proudly Kenyan. I love Kenyans. We are one nation. If you can, kindly drop a message of condolence for the dead, pray for the bereaved and pray for those who are still being held hostage.