By Kibito Leleito

LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL & TRANSGENDER (LGBT) problems can't be addressed by making laws against them such as Uganda has done.Such is an act that further futility of trying to use force to control the problem.That can't stop people from sodomizing themselves.It is like administering medication on a wound with pus inside!Pus should fast be drained.There should be a better approach to solving this fast growing problem.The population of lesbians and gays is growing so fast.In USA alone homosexuals make 10% of the national population and the numbers are still going up!
A lady friend of mine had her 20 year marriage terminated by her husband who had become a gay!The man told her that he felt like he was no longer attracted to her but a man. Remember the New Jersey governor who resigned and divorced his wife in order to marry another man? The late renowned psychiatrist Dr William Glasser in his book Choice Theory wrote about a very successful businessman who visited him for therapy with a handgun. He threatened that he would commit suicide if he did not get gender transformation surgery.He felt he was wearing a wrong body and as such he wanted to be a woman.He got what he wanted after thorough counseling and later surgery that made him a woman upon which sh/e had a boyfriend who ended up marrying her! The guy did everything including closing down his successful business just to achieve gender change! Can such a person be threatened to stop by laws and threats?
We should ask ourselves why this is happening and seek solutions instead of making laws to restrict something that is escalating at alarming rate and no one seems to know why.