Today am hearing of This kind of thing for the first time.It doesn't even look real,am having problems even believimg it ! This isn't true !!
Village people with totally no knowledge of war AK47 Rifles against  The rifles ,bombs and modern techniques that are far superior to the traditional  techniques of fighting,Today ,they shamed the Kenyan Police and made away with the cattle they had stolen !!! Unbelievable !

Cattle rustlers overwhelmed the GSU and took the cattle that they had stolen from the villages! Can you believe this?
What the hell could be happening in the GSU anyway!! Say something better,don't say they were beaten by cattle rustlers !!THis kind of thing has never happened in this countryu it is the first time that we are hearing about it and it has left many of us in suspension, we aren't sure of our security anyumore,If they can beat the police ,the chances of these people reaching the civilians ha narrowed up to something very flimsy.

These rustlers must have had some knowledge in warfare ,they could even be retired generals in the army or police of something of that kind ,Otherwise ,they can't just beat the GSU with their traditional techniques of fighting!!
The cattle thieves of Baringo must be very advanced!!