By Jacktone Ambuka

Presidents and leaders world over depend a whole lot on their advisors, cronies and friends for sound or stupid decisions. Behind successful leaders are smart advisors. Behind insecure, stupid and dictatorial leaders are pinheaded advisors. I don’t know who advices president Uhuru Kenyatta. But recently, he has made some mistakes that shouldn’t be made.

That's why if you loved Uhuru, you will definitely take him aside and whisper words of truth and wisdom in his ear. Take our fragile tribal orientation as example. For the sake of national unity, you will tell Uhuru that when he came into office under controversial circumstances, he should have made national reconciliation a number one priority. Unfortunately, politics continue to take precedence over national reconciliation.

Moreover, you will tell him that there exists tribal rift between most tribes on one hand and Kikuyu and Kalenjin on the other hand. That gap needs to be closed. You won't stop there. You will take him into his office and sit him down in a quiet confidential space. You will tell him that "Mr. President, Kenyans are talking." He will ask ''what are they saying.'' You will answer: 'They're saying that your recent appointments have elicited negative tribal energy and resentment of sort from a huge section of the public. The word on the street is that you are entrenching negative ethnicity at a time when national healing and reconciliation is desperately needed.'

Additionally, you will tell Mr. President that social media especially Facebook reveals a divided Kenya. Kenyans are entrenching tribal hate and throwing tribal epithets against each other. You will tell him that people are circulating names from Kikuyu tribe which he has allegedly put in strategic government offices e.g. security docket that require a reflection of the face of Kenya.

I bet President will be shocked. Maybe he doesn’t know what he is doing is standing in the way of national unity. Who knows, that conversation from a trusted friend will arouse president’s conscience to become more sensitive to the feelings of the members of the public. Unfortunately, most friends, allies and advisors are out there basically to make a quick kill for their personal interests. They don't care about the common good of the country.

Furthermore, selfish and opportunistic advisors and friends don't care whether president succeeds or fails. They will defend even what shouldn't be defended. They will defend that which is bringing the president down. They will spew venom, throw tribal tantrums and promise to die for the president. But if you loved the president like I do, you will take him aside, sit him down and tell him he has started stripping naked. He needs to stop right there and pull his pants up. What do you think?