By Phelix Odhis G-Cord

Let us not joke about it,Kenya is headed for the worst financial crisis ever experienced in recent times!worse than Zimbabwe

Did You Know;immediately jubilee grabbed power,they spent 4billion Kenyan shillings to 'renovate' state house..FACT!how about 2.5b mugithi kenya@50 celebration,was it done secretly at naivasha lodge??

Did You Know;this country Kenya has surpassed the limits to acquire loan from world bank..n the current foreign loans are standing at over 3trillion...FACT!

Did You Know;the purported 425billion loan from china was never was!

Did You Know;At one time Auditor general Edward Ouko exposed rot in finance management counties where he discovered that there are over 400,000 ghost civil servants workers!he gave Kenyans the shocker of the year when he revealed 304billion could not be accounted for

Did You Know;after discovering the names are 'friendly'.,that the jubilee Government will spend over Sh3 billion on retrenchment of 'excess workforce' in the civil service. 'excess' force here-in the ghost workers??mark you Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has already tabled the proposals before the Parliamentary Budget and Appropriation committee. She wants the funds to be factored in this year’s (2014/2015) budget.

after clearing up the treasury and being denied loans,they resorted to new tactics of extorting money from Kenyans;nhif went up,nssf went up from 200 to 360,VAT Bill 2013,after the pending SACKING of 300000 civil servants,the few remaining will have to also remit a 20% cut to the dying jubilee govt! massive extortion on our roads,mara alco-blow,mara speed-guns,mara special license to be able to operate at night,the traffic police have clear instructions!