On the trade unions scene in this country, one would wonder whether the troubles and problems at the workplace between the employer and the employee go solved in the country. It is as if those problems and troubles got solved for good.

The reason is that almost 95 percent of the Kenyan trade unions are completely quiet, save for the tea pickers of Kericho and the secretary general  Mr.Atwoli who if they are not involved in some activity somewhere in the country, they are gossiping about an employer somewhere or they are sharing a rumor that is going round about an employer. Otherwise, there is much going on in the rest of the trade unions. They are rarely heard of in the press or in the other forms of media.

This leaves the stage for the two most active trade unions in the country, the KNUT and the Nurses union. Knut has been the most active trade union since the days of the late secretary General  Ambrose Adongo, always at war with the government in the defense of teacher’s rights and maintaining the standards at their places of work.

The reason why the Knut and the Nurses’ union are in fore front in the media in general could be hard to guess because no one has ever taken the time to take a survey about it, but literally understood or from the view of the naked eye, it could be because of literacy .The teachers could be aware of their rights and what’s going on generally at the place of work and have the knowledge of how to handle what ever goes on their.

On the other hand, the other unions could be considered as less literate and that could be taken as the excuse why its’members aren’t active in the Kenyan politics. They can’t know how and when to threaten a boss and most of them will shy away fro anything that will trigger a confrontation between them and their employers for fears of losing their jobs or more. This act leaves the unions’ offices quiet without activity.

Whatever, the excuse might be but The KNUT remains to be the most active union in the country.