By Victor Ongoro

KTN’s MOHAMMED ALI says UHURU/ RUTO are planting bombs to scare Kenyans and justify killing MUSLIMs

KTN’s investigative journalist, Mohammed Ali, has claimed that the Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, is harassing and detaining innocent Muslims in Eastleigh and the Coast in the name of fighting terrorism.

On his Twitter account, Mohammed Ali, aka Moha absolved the Muslim community from blame over increased Al-Shabaab terrorism activities in Kenya.
He noted that the Government of Uhuru and Ruto is fooling Kenyans and that it is planting bombs and grenades to scare Kenyans in order to justify the killing of innocent Muslims in the name of fighting terrorism.

However, he said one day he will bring out the truth through his popularJicho Pevuto show Kenyans how the Jubilee Government is hell-bent to wipe out Muslims.
Here are his tweets;-

MOHA #How does the Government find these bombs? Who is fooling who or who is planting these bombs to justify the war on terror by creating fear among Kenyans?

MOHA #I wonder where the location of tomorrows bomb and grenade will be.

MOHA# The system can fool people sometimes but can’t fool all the people all the time. One day Kenyans will know the truth though it will be too late.

MOHA #Innocent people in Eastleigh are being harassed and detained in the name of fighting terror.