By Victor Owino Ongoro

KTN’s MOHAMMED ALI says they will air Jicho Pevu expose whether President UHURU KENYATTA and RUTO like it or not …. Kenyans MUST know the TRUTH
Saturday March 15, 2014
- KTN’s investigative journalist, Mohammed Ali, has today said KTN will air the expose on what happened in the night of March 4th elections where President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the fourth President of Kenya.
On his twitter account on Saturday, Ali who is famous for his Jicho Pevu trilogies dismissed the rumour that the clip was cancelled by the Jubilee Government.
The documentary was prepared by KTN’s investigative journalists, Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu, and it would shed light on the conspiracies and intrigues that rocked the March 4th election.
Here is Mohammed Ali tweeted regarding the Jicho Pevu expose.
Mohammed Ali# No need to worry. Avoid the rumours. We are on.