By Jackton Ambuka

1. Media reports indicate that the leadership of the Law Society of Kenya imposed a mandatory monetary contribution of 39,000Kshs each on its members to fund the construction of International Arbitration Centre in Nairobi.

2. In fact, The LSK council president, Mr Eric Mutua and Secretary/Chief Executive Mr Apollo Mboya reaffirmed that lawyers who will defy a directive to contribute will not be issued with practicing licenses.

3. For starters, LSK members consists of practicing advocates whose number according to LSK website stands at 8,001.

4. So far, 2,338 fear stricken members have complied with this impulsive directive, which in every way, shape and form, sounds very dictatorial-by contributing a total of Sh54 million.

5. Look, I don't have details of this case in front of me. But in my opinion, it defeats logic to impose what appears to be a draconian requirement on members.

6. The order is a violation of law. No one, not even LSK has a right to force another to contribute to a project.

7. Although it is okay for members of any given organization to contribute money in the interest of promoting organizations agenda, such projects must be approved by all stakeholders including members.

8. When members feel included in decision making processes, they own the process. As a matter of fact, participatory approach to arriving at resolutions is the future of leadership and governance.

9. What infuriates me more is that amid mind-boggling corruption, lawlessness and inefficiency in our country-evils that require compelling presence of LSK to restore dignity in our society-LSK is either quite, doing too little too late or exhibiting inexplicable indifference altogether.