A west African lawyer has said in the issue of the 17th march, 2014 of   the Star, a Kenyan newspaper, that she intends to take legal action against President Yoweri  kaguta Museveni for his actions against Homosexuality and lesbianism in his country. The lawyer has given her reasons for her actions to be the segregation of lesbians and homosexuals; to her she thinks that what President Museveni did was wrong! She thinks that he denied the homosexuals their rights somehow. Whatever the lawyer, Madam Alice Nkom, meant is hard to understand, but the thing is that she is defending the Homosexuals and those people with other weird behaviors.

This madam justice fails to understand that this is Africa and we have our own ways of life of which anything or anyone who goes against it won’t be able to fit amongst us .SO when she decides to advocate for Homosexuality, she should bear in, mind that this is our home and we want to live like that ,we have our own rights to live like that .

Homosexuality is a weird thing!! You’d better talk about sex change but not Homosexuality.

For that reason, there is nothing wrong with whatever the president Museveni did and there is no need of intimidating the president. The thing is that we want Homosexuality out of Africa and we shall remain with that stand forever.

Better find a better way of helping these guys but don’t tell us that they are women wearing men’s skins, why not give them a sex change instead. Do not threaten the president and we don’t want Homosexuality Madam, just let it go!!!!!