Our governors seem not to be understanding what is going on in our new Kenya. It looks like they new it during the struggle for the change of the constitution, but now they have forgotten!!

Taxation was one of the main problems that the poor people were going through in the old system of our politics, the forced harambees and things of the sort. We told our law experts everything that we wanted to be done about our Kenyan laws, but now it seems that they are forgetting.

While every governor continues to struggle to guess out the best ways of generating revenue for their governments, They should be alerted never to trying bringing back the awkward stuff that we threw away out of the constitution again .We didn’t like it.

May our governors not burden us with taxes again, they should find for ways of generating taxes for them selves but not to come back in to the villages to tax dead bodies and the chicken that we keep in our homes.

Those are just but part of their duties, to lead their government staff in to finding solutions for their government problems, not to turn back to us. We are in a new era, whoever can not know how to do the job well, there isn’t an option, you will have to step down and let those who know to do it. Don’t take us back to Egypt Mr. Governor, do it right or quit .Don’t go about the villages bulldozing us. WE are a different people Mr. Governor; we are not the kinds of guys who existed in the times of people like the retired general Mulinge. Just pack and go that is all.

Don’t ever try taxing the unemployed and very poor people in the villages again, look for your own ways of making money for your governments.

I don’t see any wrong do in what the senator Bonny Khalwale did, just let the governors and all those leaders whose work isn’t visible to the naked eye go back to their farms and do something else. Bonny Khalwale is a smart Senator. He pointed out the Governors weaknesses openly and everyone cursed away the odd methods of generating revenue for their governments that they were trying to introduce in that county in western Kenya. We almost can’t sneeze in this country anymore because the moment you raise your nose to do it,the tax collector stretches his hand for the tax of sneezing !1 What the Hell is this ?

This is a call on the people of Kenya, Let not these people drag us back in to Egypt, the land of bondage suffering ,just let us do it nicely so that we don’t go and burden the villages with taxes again. Let us make our country a paradise for our own selves.

This is too strict, you can’t stop your car to buy an orange on the roadside, and they will come half running, asking for the taxes.

Let the government and the administration in general train these people how to generate revenue for their governments, they are becoming a nuisance in the villages!!May someone do something about these?

Let taxation remain only in the places where there are economic activities. And if you want to expand you revenues, then create more economic activities in your counties!! We remain hoping that every Governor understood us, otherwise take away that stuff from our home, we mean this weird stuff of taxing corpses and chicken and so on, just take it away from our door steps!!