By Jackton Ambuka

It was refreshing to see Luhyaland MP’s meet as a team with intention of forging unity among the people of Mulemembe. Being the second largest tribe in Kenya, Luhyaland should have the tenacity to control the political landscape of Kenya. In fact, time is ripe for Luhya MP’s to begin a political party that resonate with the people of Mulembe.

Before you accuse me of being a tribalist, lend me your ear. Kenya is a tribal state in which tribe tramps nationalism. Sometime I tend to believe that Kenyan idea was forced on us by colonial government before we were ready for it. That’s why most Kenyans tend to retreat into tribal cocoons when national issue calls on them. Maybe, just maybe, we should first appreciate our tribes then emerge with a preconditioned tribal memorandum of understanding that will bind all Kenyans into one nation called Kenya.

The first step-which tribes like Luo, Kikuyu and Kalenjin have already taken is forming regional political parties through which political and economic capital is harnessed. Kalenjin has URP which is William Ruto’s mobilization tool. Kikuyu has TNA and UDF-both are Uhuru Kenyatta’s mobilization tools. In fact, Musalia Mudavadi should surrender UDF to its rightful owner-Nick Wanjohi.

Luoland has ODM. On the surface, ODM looks like a national party but it is a Luo affair. That’s why Ababu Namwamba should let go ODM and join hands with other Luhya politicians to form a Luhya political party. Coast region has Zipapa and Mombasa Republican Party. Kamba has wiper through which Kalonzo negotiates. Kisii has FORD people. Other tribes have got their own outfits through which they bargain political realignment. FORD Kenya isn't quintessentially Luhyaland. It has its roots in Luoland.

It is time for Luhya to have a political party. Moses Wetangula, Musalia Mudavadi, Ababu Namwamba, Kenneth Marende, Musikari Kombo, Eugene Wamalwa etc should set aside their differences for the sake of Mulembe unity. They must form a political party that will define Luhyaland destiny. However, Luhyaland unity must be founded on the economic, education, political and social platform.

Luhya unity should ensure sugar industry is vibrant and able to create employment opportunities. Luhyaland unity should ensure a regional airport is established. Luhyaland unity should ensure infrastructure is update. Luhyanland unity should ensure education is accessible to all. Luhyakand unity should ensure agriculture is up and running. But all these things must begin by forming Luhyaland political party. What do you think?