One man ,who was extremely moved by the recent decision by the County's deputy governors'  decision to pull down the two facilities in kericho town ,is Mr. Bett. The man is a local politician .He has tried his luck in the general elections before only that he wasn't able to convince the people residents of his ward that he was the best man for the job .So, he knows what goes on in the politics of kericho town well.

The politician spoke bitterly of the Towns development planning group that was led by the deputy governor's decision to pull down the two facilities that were mentioned in the press sometimes back.

The man swore to fight against this groups decision tooth and nail and to make sure that they never touched the two facilities and went and built the development projects that they had in mind in some others spots in the town ,where there was space.

So far ,he is the only politician that we have met ,who spake openly against the plans.He said that he wasn't aware whether the governor was aware of the plans but he was against and he is working hard to thwart all these plans.