By AB Murage EGHMP

Murage's weakness unearthed! He has just admitted that he is in ODM because of Raila Odinga. He says that there is nothing else that ties him to that party apart from the great policies, policies which can be watered down and changed to the last full stop in case of Raila Odinga's absence. That he believes so much in Raila Odinga and what he can do for Kenya under any capacity or party. He told me that he endures a backlash even sometimes being referred to as a traitor from some quarters because of that man.

Now, here is what I think of Murage: he must be analogue not digital. He is a sycophant! He must be a member of the old guard group (40>) and not the youth bracket (<35) that he portends to belong to. He must be idolizing Raila Odinga and must be thinking or worrying that political space and democracy is not and can not be possible without that man, right?