By AB Murage EGHMP

 By selecting Uhuru Kenyatta to try his ability to try the presidency. I am encouraged and together I believe all is not yet lost. We can still correct where we went wrong. Wacha tufanye kazi pamoja ndugu zanguni to clean this mess we are in.

And by Kikuyu, I do not mean those who sit at Muthaiga Golf Club to plan and decide who should be selected to lead Kenya. I mean the commoner in the village who walks miles for water with no water. I mean Wanjiku who shares neighborhoods with Wafula, Odhiambo and Kipkemboi in Mathare slums with no access to safe housing. I mean the ordinary mwanacentral who just like other Kenyans, walks from Kawangware to industrial area each morning in search for work with no work. I mean the Kikuyu who goes to the local kiosk to buy a match box only to be turned away because his money is not enough.

They agree with me that they were lied to into believing that their lives would be any better under a "mtu wetu" leadership. They accept that they did not know that the elites who constitute to 2% of their population were the ones to benefit hence the selection. They agree that indeed, the institution of the presidency is not open for trial and error nor is it available for khalongolongo games. They agree that all the problems were are in right now will not be solved by a Kikuyu, Marakwet, Rendile, Luo, Bukusu nor Digo presidency. They have agreed that these problems will be solved by a SMART PRESIDENT.

Cc: Wahome Thuku.