Bunyore Discussion Board

By Jacktone Ambuka
My Speech At Bunyore Sons And Daughters Get-Together Bash At Uncle Sam's Restaurant.

My fellow citizens of Bunyoreland, distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen-be comfortable and feel very welcome. Kindly welcome your neighbor by giving him/her a high five. My name is Mr. Jacktone Ambuka. I was born and raised up in a small village of Ebukanga Es’sumba in Em’mabwi Sub-location but I’ am currently living and working in The United States of America (USA). I’ am the Administrator of a Facebook page called Bunyore Discussion Board also known as BDB.

It is through BDB that we gather here today to celebrate the unbreakable spirit of brothers and sisters determined to change the course of Bunyore. Today, we will make a statement that will go down in the annals of history as a day when sons and daughters of Bunyoreland gathered to embark on a journey that will transform the social, economic and political statuses of our people.

I strongly desired to be in Bunyore today to shake hands with you, exchange hugs, get to know you in person and enjoy each other’s company. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it due to demands of my work schedule in The United States of America. Kindly accept my apologies. But next time I will be available.

Our gathering is a testament of the power of social media-when well harnessed, it can transform lives. It is also a testament of a brighter future for our land. By our relentless "Anyole" spirit, a people's spirit-we are going to work a little harder and dream a little bigger. We will turn our dreams into reality. We will enhance our academic standards. We will inspire entrepreneurship.

Further, we will discourage the use and abuse of drugs and illicit substances whose effects are disastrous to our young folk. We will unlock agricultural potential by engaging experts so as we can offer food security to our people. But more importantly, we will inspire students to perform exceptional in their academic achievements and mentor our young people-who hold keys to a brighter future-to become more productive.

Of course this is a humble beginning-a 200Kshs idea. But the scripture says we should not despise humble beginnings. From a 200Kshs humble idea, we have the potential to grow into a 20,000,000Kshs gigantic idea. I thank you not only for attending this gathering but wiring your donations which enabled us to rent this venue, purchase food and drinks and ensure logistical preparedness.

Special thanks go to our organizing committee of volunteers-you guys rock. Kindly accept our tones of thanks for your beautiful spirit that put this thing together. You did a splendid job under a very short notice. Kindly stand-up wherever you are so we can appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you.

This is our time. It is the beginning of a new Bunyore where unity, not disunity will define us. This is the beginning of a new Bunyore where brotherhood and sisterhood, not hatred and enmity; will be our guiding principles to solving our fundamental problems. This is the beginning of a new Bunyore in which we shall speak in one voice, change pessimists into optimists and transform skeptics into believers. Together we shall lift each other up and not pull each other down.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year of 2014. It is our year. It is our turn. Bunyore is in our hands, let’s shape it. God bless you. God bless our motherland of Bunyore. God bless Vihiga County. God bless Kenya.