I’m must accept that IT cost the Kenyan revenue authority a lot of money ,yes, and there were much other heavier sacrifices that people of made that we mightn’t be able to know in our capacities, but it will always require some sacrifices in order to gain something in those spheres of life.

People have been called terrorist, others have been denied their own rights and others have lived in exile for all their lives and all these just happened because they utter the word, freedom or justice or just something I that direction.

We are talking about this thing that is itching everyone in this country, the thing that we call the referendum!!

It isn’t a bad idea after all because it isn’t H1N1, neither is it AIDS/HIV nor is it the deadly Ebola disease. It is just dialogue between us and, it won’t break any bones!!

Actually, there isn’t anything bad in revising the constitution. After gaining the experiences and gaining the knowhow, now the people can participate well in the altering of their constitution and the law in general.

To be sincere ,after what happened to people like JM Kariuki  and Robert Ouko ,I wouldn’t have risked my life to go mention or pronounce anything against the government, now that am sure that everyone is civilized and advanced in their reasoning, now I can go and speak out whatever is itching me !!It is only those who lived in the big cities’ who didn’t know all these, but the rest of us know.

The only excuse that we have been hearing from the government is about the revenue consumption of the activity. But, we must always spend something!! You don’t expect to have everything that you will need for free!!Let the government fear the expenses that will be involved, but we want the quality of life in the country to be improved.

Let us give it try Kenyans!!