Every one of us was ones a young, a very ignorant youth who didn’t know even how they will know how to do what the grownups were accomplishing in their daily lives while these youths marveled at the expertise with which the grownups managed to conquer every problems that came their way in life. That is how it was and there is nothing wrong with that, it isn’t unhealthy to think like that or act like that because most of these things we know while we continues growing up.

The problem is when someone refuses to agree that these conditions exist and they are part of the growing up processes and that everyone goes through them in the journey from youth hood to maturity. If for any bad luck these guys or ladies didn’t get ways of changing these behaviors and psychologies from childhood to maturity, then that is a sorry. The doctors will know how to term such conditions.

Every one of us was ones a youth and everyone will accept with me that that is how it happens .It is not a disability, but that is how nature works .So, the issue about Homosexuality and all the talk about gay stuff should be solved by now. Whatever the excuse might be but the truth is that these guys pretending to lesbians or homosexuals have a problem with the above stated condition.

So, if we wanted to help these guys to heal from these problems, we wouldn’t accept homosexuality and other gay stuff to happen in our countries. That won’t help these guys at all, instead let us sit with our psychology experts and relationships expert and every expert in that direction and think, discus and come up with a good tangible solution for the problem.

These guys are weaklings in the games in those spheres of life, there is nothing like natural conditions about being gay. It is their incapability to get the information on how it is done making it impossible to get a positive answer in the puzzles and riddles and all the challenges that are involved in those games in those spheres of life. It ain’t and disability at all.

So, after knowing that this is what these guys suffer from, then it is now possible for us to get a remedy for the entire human race for that condition. And the remedy is always to make available the information that will enable them to know how to maneuver in those spheres of life in their own private lives. It it’s the best way to disclose these secrets to these guys that we will be discussing in the meetings that we will call to talk about the problem in our countries.

So, man kind will have to decide on which way is best to disclose these secrets to the boys and girls so that they grow up knowing what to do and when to do it and how to do it .Believe it or not but that is how it happens .It isn’t about homosexuality or being gay, but it is just that these people are weaklings in that game, they can’t even express their feelings to someone of the opposite sex or ask for whatever they need from the opposite sex. Every parent taught their sons and daughters that!! And that is the only way to become a good boy or a good girl. Even the great teachers of religion taught against that so, these guys grew up preserved in one way or the other and miraculously, some of them ended up maturing or growing over age without access to these secrets because of these various causes in their lives.

SO we either have to decide to introduce the subject in schools, right from kindergarten to university or create away through which every human being will be given a partner, either when their ages are right or they can be given to each other at earlier stages of life so that they grow up knowing that they belong to each other and not what is happening in this world.

SO we advise the world governments to understand these conditions and not let them to continue happening in this world, instead let us just do exactly as we have whispered to you in this article. If none of them was brave enough to disclose this to this world, today we have done it.

It is because of these reasons that the Ugandan President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni , is a champion on this planet .When even the USA couldn’t understand what was going on and legalized gay stuff in their country, he knew it all and declined to accept it in to the laws of the republic of Uganda.

The problem has grown such that it will be hard to control the masses and it will need everyone’s efforts to heal mankind and bring life back to normal on this planet. Let the OAU and other international bodies that bring all mankind together run an anti-gay campaign and do exactly what we have said and you will discover where the truth lies.