By Bunyore Discusion Board

1. Kenya defense force (KDF) is trained and equipped to "destroy" not to enforce the law and restore order. The later role belongs to police not jeshi.

2. More often than not, jeshi breaks the law in their line of duty. Take these examples. KDF has in the past been accused by UN of smuggling charcoal from Somalia. Not too long ago, KDF was found "guilty"of crimes against humanity in inhumane operation in Mt Elgon area. Recently, KDF was caught on camera looting West West-Gate Mall as Kenyans were being slaughtered by terrorists. By and large, KDF won't do any different in Kapedo, Turkana. They will destroy and subjugate residents.

3. That's why KDF should ONLY be deployed in circumstances that require destruction of internal or external enemy not in circumstances that require enforcement of law and restoration of order.

4. If police are unable to perform their most basic function, they ought to be retrained and re-equipped not relegated. Alternatively, non-performing police officers and their moribund seniors should be fired or at least be redeployed in other roles.
*What are your thoughts?