I now agree, uneducated blogger is worse than a smart political competitor, here is the case study: Lee Makwiny and his band of pesa nane bloggers are busy campaigning for ODM nominiee for the Homa Bay senate race in social media and have gone a notch higher to identify the sitting MPs who are against Moses Kajwang’. They are not telling Homa Bay electorate how competent Moses is but just how those opposing him are anti Raila YET he (read Raila) rigged them into parliament despite having lost overwhelmingly in the ODM nomination. Now, how do you defend Raila and confirm to the world that most of sitting ODM MPs bribed Raila to get certificates and that infact they were all unpopular?? Here is Makwiny’s post, ignore his poor grammer, just dissect the content and drop me a comment if indeed this is not de-campaigning Raila. Hon Philip O Okundi is actually a front runner for the homabay senatorial race. However, the people supporting his bid are trying hard to prove that they can track Raila Odinga a political lesson or settle old political scores. James Rege, the Karachuonyo MP is well aware that Adopo Okuome beat him during the last election and it’s Raila Odinga who intervened. His support for Okundi will give the popular Adipo Okuome a platform to relaunch his bid. Together with Cyprian Awiti, they will ensured that Karachuonyo is delivered to Odm. If I were Eng. Okundi, a man who has the network on the ground, I would try to avoid most of the MPS who will prove to be a baggage on my campaigns like a plague. By joining Philip Okundi and starting unnecessary war with Odm party leader, Eng. Rege has ensured that Odm diehards will vote for Moses Kajwang. As an advise to ‪#‎TeamOkundi‬, use your known networks to campaign. Tighten the ground. We hate people who belittle Jakom. If your supporters belittle jakom, we, as TeamBaba, our duty is solely to deal ruthlessly with anyone on the way of Jakom. Learn from Hilary Alila.

Source :.http://whereiskenya.com/