By AB Murage EghMp
THE PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT RAILA ODINGA has said that there is one smart way to revamp, improve and sustain Kenya's economy. It's one clever way that pretenders in economic science like Uhuru Kenyatta (who their former schools have not recognized) supported by one William Ruto and all those fellow Kikuyus strategically placed in treasury and other money inlets/outlets can not and have refused to see. What they see is how much they can thieve from NHIF, NSSF, VAT etc before "our man" leaves office.

To improve the economy is not spending 50M to convey a conference at Mt. Kenya Safari Club to discuss a 20% pay cut, a cut that will only give you some 40M in return. It's not over taxing the already overburdened Kenyan tax payer. It's not rendering civil servants jobless when you got to power promising jobs, jobs, jobs. It's not sending your wife to run around the streets like a mad cow to raise money for MoH. Heck, it's not killing devolution through the back door by some hurriedly crafted wage bills.

But the crying William Ruto has said that they do not need to be lectured on economic governance. I find this foolish. Foolish because all those who have Kenya's interests at heart should be able to provide ideas and a clever government should listen and take these ideas in. Ruto should stop talking like a person on his death bed too scared to die.

Anyway the top, middle and bottom line is that TNA has killed the economy through corruption and other economic ills. The government is broke, flat, dead. We have a huge deficit. No one will admit this fact to you. We can not borrow from WB anymore. And they want to blame devolution for their messes? Say NO! Let us look at what can we do to make it right. Kenya still has a chance to correct things. Will it grab this opportunity? Or will it still go for anything because he or she is tribally qualified as opposed to a qualified President? For now, be vigilant and protect devolution from all fronts. ‪#‎Referendum‬ 2014.