By John Ambuli

There is this thing about the selling of ideas whereby you night have an idea about making something, you might perhaps even know a little basics about how to start it but you mightn’t be having the resources.

Let us say that you had an idea on making polythene rain coats that people can buy the same way we buy paper bags at the market places for ten shillings or five shilling so that you can cover yourself from the rain and when the rain is over or when you reach your destination, you throw it away. You have the idea like this, yes, then you want to talk to a plastics industry staff that is concerned with new inventions so that you can bring the idea in to a reality. In Kenya, in most cases, they will turn you down. The reason why we can’t know but it is very had to get these people to get to seat down and listen to you and give you a solid answer in the world of inventions and the sharing of idea in that world.

For most of us, the people on the streets or the slums, who mightn’t have gone up to the highest level of education and therefore cannot know where to go with an idea that they have nowhere to dumb this ideas and therefore they grow old and die with the ideas inside them up to down in to their graves.

These people have ideas, they know that if they joined this to that, then added that to that, I must get something that can cut grass without me pushing or pulling it. But, the problem is how can they best utile these ideas properly and bring their imaginations or ideas in to reality? Can’t our Kenyan government do something about it?

The other time I had an idea on how to an engine that generates power by itself the uses the same power to run so that you didn’t need to fuel the engine. It was an electric engine whereby it generated power from light using solar cells then the power was magnified by transformers to fit with the capacities of the various engine sizes ,then there was a dashboard for regulating the distribution of power and the fusing and other safety measures around the engine .Then the power would enter in to a motor that would produce the motion and then the engine would be used in the trains ,trucks ,industries and any other places where we would need an engine  of that kind. That is that! An electric engine!!A self sufficient engine!!

What happened to us and officer was terrible! The man walked round the republic of Kenya and never got and answer or solution to my problem. Only the company that manufactures the money maker pumps responded positively, otherwise not even the universities or RVIST and the other institutions that teach technology around the country never came to my help. So we ended up stranded with the ministry of social services, the ministry that would have lead me around the country talking for me and doing all the technicalities for me un till I got someone to work with.

There are many techno logy maniacs out there in the villages. They breath, eat and drink technology, but because of one reason or the other, they are unable to find resources that can enable them to mould their ideas in to reality. Contacting the technology schools in the country doesn’t provide a solution at all. They will read your e-mail or letter and seat on it and continue with what they know best, teaching in class but not these kinds of stuff!!!

I have contacted the RVIST before on the same matter but they never responded and I ended up stuck with my stuff in the slums again!!

In the developed countries, even just and idea is treated big !! IT is recorded ,the patented, then kept somewhere safe where those who are already in the manufacturing businesses can access it .Ones someone gets interested in your idea, you are contacted and work starts there .They will find for the technology and expertise and all the resources to make your idea become a reality .

Resources aren’t the problem, they will provide it. The owner of the idea makes a fortune out of his or her ideas and the world at large gains from the idea. A good example is the Davison inventions of USA. This is how it works .They gather all the ideas and go and research on them and make good use of them ideas, which, usually, are turned in to products on the market scene.

Kenya also should have something of the sort where anyone who has any crazy ideas can record them, have them patented so that they can become lawfully theirs or even the ownership of the product can be their own, Then the researching and the rest of the procedures that go until the product is ready can be left to the manufacturing company.

Let not capital be a stumbling stone to us, let the government, through the respective ministries, and finance these crazy ideas. What is happening in the USA is enough proof that we need help to tap in to these ideas and it is a hundred percent sure that it will succeed.

Sincerely speaking, we don’t know of anybody in the country that does this but if there is, then the government or authorities that are concerned need to pass the information about it around in the country so that we can know it.

Everything in this world begins with an idea. Let us tap these ideas from those who weren’t able to get training in the colleges of technology and make use of them. Let us create ways of collecting these ideas from these people and help them to get the resources that are required for them to achieve what they want. Let the government make the sharing of business idea and inventions possible and create the procedures and security so that everyone benefited from them.