By Jacktone Ambuka

Kenyan Auditor General Mr. Edward Ouko has unearthed mindboggling corruption in Kenyan government. Daily Nation and The Standard reported.

1. Over Sh338 billion of the total government expenditure for 2011/2012 was unaccounted. It means that money fattened personal accounts of corrupt officers.

2. Only 6 per cent of the Sh920 billion that the government spent (Sh55.2 billion) was fully accounted for.

3. A third of the 252 financial statements of institutions audited were either deliberately misstated or revealed fraudulent expenditure.

4. Most expenditure wasn’t authorized.

5. Auditor identified malpractices in government as absence of proof of payment, over-expenditure, unpaid bills and unaccounted for imprests by government officials.

6. Five government ministries spent Sh7 billion without parliamentary approval under recurrent expenditure.

7. Additionally, ministries and departments did not settle bills amounting to Sh4.4 billion, forcing tax payers (you and I) to shoulder this burden in 2012-2013 financial year.

8. An expenditure of Sh5.2 billion was unaccounted for as several ministries and departments failed to provide supporting evidence (receipts etc.) for their expenditures.

9. An amount of over 2.1 Billion was revealed as imprests or advance loans which ought to have been re-paid back to the government by June 30, 2012. Unfortunately, that money is still unaccounted for.

10. We keep crying about corruption but no one listens. Corruption has already eaten our past. It is busy eating into our future. Transparency International (TI) categorized Kenya as the fourth most corrupt nation in the world.

Instead of declaring corruption a national disaster, we are sleeping with it in bed. Unless we annihilate corruption, Kenya will forever remain a banana republic. What are your thoughts…