By Mohammed Sudi

There was a complaint of asault from a mr Kazungu Changawa of Watchdog Security Co. That on 17th 7 2013, the politician Shebesh arived at her home and that the watchman sort of delayed to open the gate cause he was talking to his seniors over phone. He aleges in his report that when Shebesh (the menace) entered the compount, she sssllaaped him sooo hard, he ran out to Kileleshwa police station and reported the incident, but Shebesh later went there and the language of brown teeth was spoken and Kazungus case was burried to rest. This is the OB No. kileleshwa police station, 7/17/07/2013.
I ask the cop of all cops to just have a stral down the avenues to kileleshwa and ask what happened to kazungus case after Shebeshs KOFI? How are we going to live with this kind of mannerism? Hii ndio TNA?