By Jackton Ambuka 

Racial Biases In America!

US civil rights leader and a preacher, Dr Martin Luther King Jnr-dreamt of a day when Americans would judge each other based on the content of individuals' character not the color of skin.

About 50 decades down the line, that day, like a day of the coming of the LORD, is still being anticipated. That's not to say much hasn't been accomplished in the light of racial integration in America. Rather, a lot needs to be done.

Some white people remains judgmental of black people not necessarily because of character but because of the color of skin. Same applies to some black people who pass blanket judgement against white people. Racial biases still afflicts the United States of America.

Sadly, being judged by the color of your skin in most cases means getting a raw deal. It also means to get a good job you must have a privileged skin color. When you have a disadvantaged skin color you automatically miss out on some rights.

Good news is that even with a disadvantaged skin color, you can still make personal accomplishments depending on your gifting, social relations and hard work.

Nevertheless, even churches are racially segregated. Although they preach one God, one Jesus and one heaven, race divides them into racial alters of worship. More often than not, whites attend white churches. Blacks attend black churches.

Yet, a scramble to move to the United States of America remains high. Folks from all over the world would rather resign their high flying employments, leave family and forsake all, all in the name of moving to the United States regardless of cultural difficulties and uncertainties a head of them.

By and large, America still is a country of promise. You could become anything you want, just ask Lupita Nyong'o or Barack Obama. There are opportunities particularly for people who don't have prerequisite education for a career. You don't need to know somebody to become somebody. Hard work and determination is all you need.