By Jackton Ambuka· 

I'm Still Standing With Ababu Namwamba-He Rightfully Recorded Raila And MP's!

"I have it on record that Defence PS, Mr. Mutea Iringo, met four members of the Committee at Silver Springs Hotel for this purpose. They were Hon Omondi Anyanga, Hon James Bett, Hon Abbas Ahmed and Hon Samuel Arama. At the meeting, it was agreed that Mr. Iringo would provide money and facilitate business opportunities at the Department of Defence (DoD). At least Kshs 1.5 million is confirmed to have been collected in cash from Mr. Iringo by Hon Anyanga, who shared with the members named hereinabove, together with Hon Kareke Mbiuki and Hon Cecily Mbarire. I was to be strictly kept in the dark, because I am not “flexible”."