Kenyans have been monitoring what has been going on about the teachers strike .We have learned a lot about it and our political opinionates have  given all kinds of opinion about the situation in the country. Each and every one of us has his or her own view of the strike.

Some have seen the teachers as bad people have contempt towards their work, others have seen them as proud people who always get happiness out of troubling other peoples lives and others have graded them as people who want a lot of luxuries in their lives in general without realizing that their country runs on a narrow budget and that they should contribute something towards this by bearing with what is going about the state of the country’s’ economy in general and going on with work without uttering a word about their salaries ,houses, allowances and the rest of them on the list ,just name them.

It could be that only the labor experts and the rest of the informed Kenyans are the only ones who are on the side of the teachers, other wise, those parents in the slums whose children education is being delayed or interrupted can’t smile at all about the strike! They don’t have a word of praise for the teachers about the strike .All that they are interested in is to see they kids going to school as usual! They aren’t with the teachers in the strike!!!

According to the well informed political opinionates on the streets of Kericho town, the strike was a good thing and all the other trade unions need to copy exactly what the KNUT looks like and the way it should carry out business. They say that the teachers union is an example of what a trade union should look like and they sing praises for it!