There have been reports in the press before of people who were dumped by the agricultural produce companies that they worked for when the companies decided to quit after they were forced out of business by civilization. This kind of news was featured on the citizen Television one time and it was about the stranded former workers of the Collapsed Taita Taveta Sisal plantation companies.

Those people were lured by the white men who began the sisal plantations and promised goodies if they work for the companies on their plantations. Those who saw it as a good idea and followed these white men to these plantations caused humanity a very big problem.

They went there and forgot about their homes in the villages for decades or, roughly, about a century and their offspring can’t even know their origins well .All that they knew about was the sisal or the tea plantations.

Today these people are stranded on the companies’ land which they do not officially own without a hint of where to go or how to start claiming for a share of what is owned by their communities in the villages. It is a very big problem to humanity!!!They have to be given their rights, they will want food ,they have needs of all sorts ,they are human beings .They aren’t the cause of the problem, they were brought here by the authorities of those times, therefore you can’t blame them .If we did that to them, why can’t we provide them with shelter and the rest of the needs before we can declare the former employers, the plantation companies non-existent !!

That was according to what was whispered to us by the Citizen Television station newsroom one time .That is what is going on in the sisal plantations of Taita Taveta, the Tea Estates of kericho are telling a different edition of the same stories!!

In Kericho,the situation is worse !! Here the giant multi-national agricultural produce companies messed humanity more than the other places. Here, the authorities of those times went beyond the boundaries of this country. They wandered allover East Africa luring villagers and promising the goodies on their plantations.

In Kericho and other places where the Tea plantation companies reached, the problem is not about being dumped and left without a place to go after the companies collapsed, the problem is about where these people will go after retirement age!! Especially The Nyarwandas and those others from distant places in East or Central Africa.

Mostly, they have ended up in the slums of Kericho town or the other cities in Kenya but not being taken back to where they were brought from. They are not taken back to where they came from; they are left to find for a solution for themselves.

Their offspring have been married in Kenya and a legally Kenyans but their parents and grandparents have ended up miserably on the shop verandahs in the town or in the slums. That is exactly the same case with Granny Jennifer.

She recalls the name of her village, Gitare, in Rwanda but she can’t get the means of going back to Rwanda .I tried to link her to other Banyarwanda that I know, but she fears that what happened during the Rwandese Genocide can happen to her!! Poor Granny!! Because she cannot find someone who understands to talk to, therefore her problem can be heard by the authorities or the masses and therefore she has ended up on the shop verandahs in the Town.

I tried to mention about visiting or calling the Rwandese Embassy in The country and she didn’t want me to even mention it!!!

What we are trying to say is that when people cry to the world about the evils that happened to Africans due to slavery and colonialism, please mention these!!

May any Human Rights groups or any sympathizers visit this granny at her spot on the Tasha Enterprises shop, on Isaac Salat  Salat road and get a more detailed  account about her plight and help her to get back to her home country .Any neighbor of the mentioned shop can direct anyone who might be in interested in the story to the where about of the granny any time of the day.

May any informed Human rights groups including the CREAW in lavington,in Nairobi, come and listen to her.

Sometimes she is almost raped by hooligan night, Kericho has a very wet climate, and you can guess what she goes through!!