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The Salaries Enumeration Commission To blame For The Huge Government Spending On Salaries

Posted by john ambuli on Thursday, March 20, 2014, In : OPINION 


Much has been said about the deduction of the peoples salaries in order to help the government to contain the budget .It was said that they are spending more than the power of the revenue can provide.That is according to the president and his staff though.But for us out here,this ain’t gonna be possible!!! The people had grown used to eating well, drinking enough and having enough of everything from the supermarkets ,so whatever the governments plans on the twenty percent pay cuts on all...

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Posted by john ambuli on Friday, March 14, 2014, In : OPINION 

Dictator Uhuru Kenyatta is full of shame after China refuses to fund his Standard gauge Railway and the much hyped primary school Laptop project. Now he wants to go after your salary while he keeps to himself the five hundred thousand acres of land stolen from you by his father, Jomo. Against the wishes of Kenyans, he is also retaining the useless and money consuming provincial administration to frustrate devolution which is a possible danger to his ill-gotten land. Uhuru has never b...

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The Wage bill government is full of political antics and lies?

Posted by john ambuli on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, In : OPINION 
By Caleb Simba Bravo
The Wage bill government is full of political antics and lies?
The 20% pay-cut is in itself a political fallacy, statement without an economical back-up.

The wage bill government still retains unconstitutional senior office holders ie;
18 Regional commissioners which was an increase from 9 Provincial commissioners
47 county commissioners
297 DCs/sub-county commissioners
Over 1000 DOs.
Who is paying for this?
Why are we not talking of this wastage? Before shouting on pay-...

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