Kericho Streets Painted,Nairobi,Kenya

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More Money To The Counties,Nairobi,Kenya

Posted by john ambuli on Monday, October 20, 2014, In : SOCEITY 

Let Counties Handle Their Monetary Matters

The governor of kericho has insisted that counties should be allowed to run their own monetary matters. He said that there are some minor jobs in the counties that the county governments can handle without having to consult the central government. He gave an example of the roads and paths in the counties that need to be tar marked or reconditioned .he said that that was too minor and that the counties could manage that comfortably.

He said this d...

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Posted by john ambuli on Wednesday, March 5, 2014, In : OPINION 
By Edwin Mutai
Does our most learned Governor Prof.Chepkwony about the deteriorating standard of education in Kericho County instead of talking about funding cattle dips! Education is the only weapon you can use to change the world! The likes of Kabianga High Sch,Kericho High,Kipsigis Galz, proffesionals where are you? I applaud Bomet County especially Moi Siongiroi, they did well! Prof, theres only one weapon "EDUCATION" if u want to change kericho county.Cc: Prof. Paul Chepkwony,

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We Can Do Without Senators Kenya !!!

Posted by john ambuli on Sunday, February 23, 2014, In : OPINION 
By Jacktone Ambuka

The stupidest ever power struggle and wrangles between the Kenyan senate and the Parliament is a clear confirmation that we don't need both institutions. We need just one. If we are going to move Kenya forward, we will have to make difficult decision, which is; phase out the senate and empower governors. The parliament should stay put because it is a critical institution that makes critical laws. By and large, power struggle between those two institutions is detrim...

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Posted by john ambuli on Thursday, February 6, 2014, In : OPINION 

Our governors seem not to be understanding what is going on in our new Kenya. It looks like they new it during the struggle for the change of the constitution, but now they have forgotten!!

Taxation was one of the main problems that the poor people were going through in the old system of our politics, the forced harambees and things of the sort. We told our law experts everything that we wanted to be done about our Kenyan laws, but now it seems that they are forgetting.

While every gov...

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Posted by john ambuli on Friday, October 4, 2013, In : OPINION 
A group of people have have started a campaign against the governor of kericho county.The reasons of the move couldn't be known immidiately but we will be disclosing these to our readers as we continue knowing more about the group and it's activities.

The governor in a response to the move and the content that goes on to the pages of the of the facebook account has denied that everything that the group is talking about is not true and that they are making a mistake to use his official photogra...
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remind her that Kidero is the president of this city nairobi !!!

Posted by john ambuli on Saturday, September 7, 2013, In : OPINION 
Please is you stay near SHEBESH please remind her that Kidero is the president of this city nairobi she was very lucky she could have been injured by a bullet . Also she should know we are african men we deserve respect even if a woman is elevented

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Shebesh MUST accept her mistake and PUBLICLY apologise to Dr. Evans Kidero

Posted by john ambuli on Saturday, September 7, 2013, In : OPINION 

Shebesh MUST accept her mistake
and PUBLICLY apologize to Dr. Evans
Kidero for provoking him in his office
by hiring GOONS and leading them to
INVADE his office by breaking the
door and tribally insulting. She can
them move on with the fact that she
  received the kind of a slap she had
never received before from any man.
She must also change her behavior.
From social media, nobody is with
her, meaning there is something she
is not doing right. The fact is Kidero
can not harm ev...

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Governor Evans Kidero Should Resign!

Posted by john ambuli on Saturday, September 7, 2013, In : OPINION 
Governor Evans Kidero Should Resign!

No matter how much a conversation can get heated, you can't put your hands on anyone. But that's what Nairobi governor Dr. Evans Kidero did. He was captured on tape slapping Nairobi women representative Mrs. Rachael Shabesh. Rachael may have provoked him. Rachael may have been verbally aggressive. Rachael may have been confrontational. Rachael may have been disrespectful and inciting. But under no circumstances should anyone put his or her hands on...

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