Kericho Streets Painted,Nairobi,Kenya

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It is disturbing that those in power don't care about the basic things in life like healthcare, education,and alleviating poverty,Nairobi Kenya

Posted by john ambuli on Thursday, March 19, 2015, In : OPINION 
By Jacktone Ambuka

Cancer Patients At Kenyatta Hospital Facing Death Due Lack Of Radiotherapy Machine!

1. The only two overly-stretched radiotherapy machines at Kenyatta National Hospital broke down. They won't be in use for more than a month.

2. Radiotherapy machine is used to treat cancer. About a half of cancer patients undergo radiotherapy as part of their treatment plan.

3. Sadly, 40,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year.

4. Of the 40,000 people diagnosed with cancer, 27,000 die due...

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Ababu Namwamba Is Innocent Of Allegations Of Corruption! Nairobi,Kenya

Posted by john ambuli on Monday, March 16, 2015, In : OPINION 
By Jackton Ambuka

1. Having watched KTN's "check point" clip featuring Ababu Namwamba, I believe Ababu is innocent of corruption allegations.

2. I analyzed his body language-facial expression, physical confidence, tone of voice and use of his hands and I concluded nothing but truth was emanating from him.

3. He is consistent, factual and open to investigation. Those are indicators of a truth telling person.

4. But Arama is a liar. Although he denied the voice on tape isn't his, his statements wer...

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Even The Church Receives Money From Criminals And Murderers,Nairobi,Kenya

Posted by john ambuli on Friday, March 13, 2015, In : OPINION 

By Muthui Mkenya

Somehow, the only person implicated in the Ababu tapes is Mutea Iringo. If someone gives you money, like Sonko always does, we cannot say you were bribed. Even the Church receives money from criminals and murderers. 
To be condemned for bribery, you have to have delivered on the bribe

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Shame Of Our ‘Black’ Governments Even As 338 Billion Disappear Mysteriously.

Posted by john ambuli on Wednesday, October 9, 2013, In : OPINION 
By Jacktone Ambuka

Kenyan Auditor General Mr. Edward Ouko has unearthed mindboggling corruption in Kenyan government. Daily Nation and The Standard reported.

1. Over Sh338 billion of the total government expenditure for 2011/2012 was unaccounted. It means that money fattened personal accounts of corrupt officers.

2. Only 6 per cent of the Sh920 billion that the government spent (Sh55.2 billion) was fully accounted for.

3. A third of the 252 financial statements of institutions audi...

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