Kericho Streets Painted,Nairobi,Kenya

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Sue the Plantation Companies Of Taita Taveta And Kericho For Crimes Against Humanity,Nairobi,Kenya

Posted by john ambuli on Friday, April 10, 2015, In : OPINION 


There have been reports in the press before of people who were dumped by the agricultural produce companies that they worked for when the companies decided to quit after they were forced out of business by civilization. This kind of news was featured on the citizen Television one time and it was about the stranded former workers of the Collapsed Taita Taveta Sisal plantation companies.

Those people were lured by the white men who began the sisal plantations and promised goodies if the...

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KNUT Is The Most Active Trade Union In Kenya,Nairobi,Kenya

Posted by john ambuli on Wednesday, March 4, 2015, In : OPINION 

On the trade unions scene in this country, one would wonder whether the troubles and problems at the workplace between the employer and the employee go solved in the country. It is as if those problems and troubles got solved for good.

The reason is that almost 95 percent of the Kenyan trade unions are completely quiet, save for the tea pickers of Kericho and the secretary general  Mr.Atwoli who if they are not involved in some activity somewhere in the country, they are gossiping about an emp...

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Street Peoples' Opinion On The Recent Teachers Strike

Posted by john ambuli on Wednesday, March 4, 2015, In : OPINION 

Kenyans have been monitoring what has been going on about the teachers strike .We have learned a lot about it and our political opinionates have  given all kinds of opinion about the situation in the country. Each and every one of us has his or her own view of the strike.

Some have seen the teachers as bad people have contempt towards their work, others have seen them as proud people who always get happiness out of troubling other peoples lives and others have graded them as people who want a ...

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