Kericho Streets Painted,Nairobi,Kenya

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Terrorists Rented Space At West Gate Mall Weeks To The Siege

Posted by john ambuli on Monday, September 30, 2013, In : OPINION 
By Jacktone Ambuka

BBC has reported that Senior security officials revealed that terrorists who slaughtered dozens of Kenyans at Nairobi's West Gate Mall rented space there "weeks leading to the siege." Which begs several questions: Did the Landlord follow laws, regulations and procedures for leasing space to foreigners? Did the foreigners have ID's? What was their ID number and name? How did the terrorists acquire trading licenses to run a business at West Gate Mall? When and how di...

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A view At Islam In The Face Of Terrorism.

Posted by john ambuli on Wednesday, September 25, 2013, In : OPINION 
By Jacktone Ambuka

It is no longer a secret. Murderers are using the name of Islam in vain to slaughter innocent civilians including Muslims. As they kill they chant 'Allah Akbar', meaning God is great.

They believe to be Mujaheddin and fight a holy war, erroneously called Jihad one becomes the fighter of God. They believe Allah (God) is pleased by 'selfless' acts of murdering the 'infidels.' These criminals believe by murdering' and if possible die while murdering; you attain the ...

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Posted by john ambuli on Sunday, September 8, 2013, In : OPINION 
*E*very one of us has gone through the evils that go on in the government
offices or the other places of work. It is only the baby’s and the
newcomers to this world who can not know these. This is because they
haven’t seen it, but they will soon witness it unless something happens to
change the situation.

What we are talking about is the misuse of power in the high offices and
the rampant graft that happens every where, and sometimes, it happens while
the weak people in the society or th...
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