Recovering a scratch card after it has been damaged, especially in kericho town, is very hard. The safaricom agents tend to underrate it, the problem looks like it has no value before their eyes yet the customers pay for these cards.

They don’t have any way of replacing the damaged cards and so they refer the customers to dial the customer care number 100.When the customers try to dial the number, the line is usually too busy for the customers to be served, making it almost impossible to get a replacement for a damaged scratch card.

This is how the conditions are in this country, yet Safaricom have continued to manufacture very hard scratch cards. The aluminum foil that is used to conceal the secret number of the card is very sticky; it doesn’t peel off from the card easily and almost damages the card.

The scratch cards that were circulating in the markets in the entire month of October this year were very hard to scratch off. Safaricom should look in to this and make adjustments so that the chances of  losing these cards is reduced.

Make them easy to scratch and easy to replace when we damage them, usually, this happens accidentally!!!