The debate about school ranking in Kenya still goes on. Whatever that means could just be understood only by the big shots in the education sector in the country. We have been following the press up to recently but none of the speakers in Kenyan has taken their time to explain what school ranking means, So, the debate remains in the hands of the experts of education in the country, the teachers, ministry officers and the few among us who are well educated or highly informed .Otherwise, up to now, everyone has the own version of whatever is going on about and it is a hundred percent based on guess work.

Literally understood on the streets of our cities, it means listing the schools from the best to the lowest in the country. That is what a high school graduate on the streets of, Kericho, Luanda or Bungoma town would take.

Whatever the case might be, but the basic idea in it is that the government and all the education experts in the country are looking for the best way to improve the quality of education in the country.

In the past, the olden system of education use to shame us a lot .Those Kenyans who went to non-government schools used to feel ashamed in front of their fellow students who were in government schools. Mention alliance high school in a gathering and everyone’s face would turn blue and surrendered whatever they wanted to do before being beaten formerly on stage!! The psychology was that the mention of the name of school alone gave you right of passage to anywhere without you talking even.

On the other side of life in this country, the mention of the names of those schools caused you a lot of shame in the absences of the graduates of those schools, so that life in general was a very big shame. We never we tried to calculate the resources in the country in general, people used to count themselves against the available resources after the populations that went to those schools had gone. Naturally, we used to feel stupid even with a division one or two certificate and look for other alternative ways of getting life instead of joining in the competition in the government offices or if we went there ,we depended totally on luck, no one had the confidence.

So, back to what we were talking about, If the system that is being debated on is something of this kind ,Mr. Minister don’t even continue with the debate, just cut it short and let us go on to other things .

So, from the experiences above, we needn’t have a system where it will be hurting us psychologically. A system that will create these lines among the school goers. A system that will favor other school goers against others.

The old system used to hurt us a lot, it used to make inferior people academically psychologically. Only the few who went to government schools had the confidence, but was it confidence really? It was some sort of superiority complexes!! Everywhere that they were they used to take themselves as superior that the rest of the country. That was how it was. You are just a weakling who can’t even ask questions yet you read the same books, the same syllabus, the same system of education, yet you feel shy before anybody has mentioned it!!

So, I have an opinion about this. I mightn’t be a formerly trained education expert but what we are trying to say is that whatever system they will choose it shouldn’t be like that olden system of listing from the highest marks to the lowest. Instead, it should be a system where it will look like categories. From category one with the highest marks to category nine with the lowest marks and let it stay like that and then we cover or hide the other secret about it. So, that it didn’t hurt the student, who, ofcourse, will be the future grownups, psychologically.

So, that the graduates will consider themselves as belonging to that category and not calling themselves inferior. You know what it means to be psychologically inferior; you can’t even get out of homes t participates in the politics of your country. You will leave it to them, yet, perhaps, you have the talents!!

Whatever we will be trying to make should be something like that so that it hides these differences that exist between us and make us to look equally despite the difference in the quantity of marks that will exist between the different individuals among the groups. We should pool it together so that it looks like one thing but every one of the walks away with their own scoop of the marks just as if it was happening in their own classroom, in their own school.

This will help heal the causes of the school goer’s failures due to Psychological causes. They think that they are inferior that that big school in that country while in the real sense, they are reading the same material .They do the same thing but this one in the village high school just believes that he or she is inferior to the one in the high school in the city and then slowly by slowly, they weaken up until it becomes almost real. They don’t believe they can out do those in those places that they think are better than theirs and so, what goes on psychologically in the class is a hundred percent opposite to what goes on in the school office or in the ministry of education.

Believe it or not, But what you carry in you psychologically does affect you in your life. You give up at things too early without making an attempt. The same happens to school goers and everybody else in life, yet there is reality in life. You could be faster or stronger or swifter than the person you expect to be smarter then you!!

 In the end these Physiological content or part of you does become real in life! You can confirm from a physiologist near you.

Whatever we are going to do about the results of this debate, but let it not be a catalyst to stem these things that we mentioned above and those that we didn’t mention but let it be a remedy to these conditions. That is what it would mean to us!!