There is something odd going on with nthe KCC products in kericho town.First, a fews weeks ago,the milk tasted soapy,IT didn't taste like it atstes usually.Then when the nilk becomes soar, it atstes like chloroquin and it has a very bad odour.Nearly every packet of soar milk that we have tatsed recently ,has produced a very strange odour.We,the people of Kericho ,like milk,Fresh or soar .You needn't ask me any questions here.But, the milk ,recently behaves strangely,some one ought to do something about it.

We,the consumers of this stuff ,are being suspicious that someone in the KCC factory in their Sotik plant, could be  handling the processing of the products carelessly ,causing the production of under standard quality products.We aren't medical experts ,neither are we allowed by the law to go and find out whatever is happening in that factory ,but someone has to do something about it .

We suspect that someone might have measured wrongly  the quantities of chemicals that are used in the processing of the milk,if noit so,then there must be something fishy going on in that factory in the procedures of the production of milk.Milk doesn't taste like this even after it has fermented and become soar!!!
May the authorities in Kericho do something about this so that whoever is concerned can stop gambling with other peoples lives!!