A few days ago,the deputy governor of kericho county came with a very odd development plan or should we call t development strategy?The plans stunned every resident of the county ,especially the local politicians !

The Deputy governor and her planning group intend to pull down one of the oldest primary schools in the county,in kericho town,Highlands primary school and The towns main prison. The problem with the decision was that the reasons why tthe two facilities were chosen to be the right ones to be pulled down instead of the authorities looking for some space for the construction of new and very ultra-modern facilities elsewhere in the county weren't given.So literally ,one would understand that they might have made it according to their own views or because of any economic gains of the area as a county and not any health of environmental problems.

YOu can't just pull down a school to build an ultra-modern commercial parking space !!! That one you can as well move it to the cemetery site .People will go park their vehicles there ,pay the governor his or her revenues and walk to their various offices .In the evening,they will go and pick the vehicles and drive them back home.

It was a good plan ,yes ,madam deputy governor,but what angered many of us was the pulling down of the two previously mentioned facilities !!! What were the reasons really.

Local politicians are doubting whether the governor knows about this and they told me to tell him that the are against it on my website.So today we tell the governor A Big NO !!!! about this plans .

The people and the Local politicians want the County government to call for a forum and ask for the peoples opinion,and not the way the planning group is doing it !!