By Jacktone Ambuka

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni and lawmakers of that country failed when they legislated laws to ban miniskirts. The passage and ratification of that law simply means that women in Uganda will be charged in a court of law if they violate it. Yet, comprehensive definition of what a "mini-skirt" is remains scanty. How long or short will the skirt be to be described as mini wasn't elaborated. That gives the government and security agencies enormous power to interpret what a mini skirt is. That may lead to victimization and harassment. Kenyan women should beware not to wear miniskirts in Uganda. However, it is intolerance and hypocrisy to impose dress code on people. People must have a right to choose what to wear and what not to wear. Some work places and religious institutions may have their own official dress code. That's understandable. But the government has got no right to tell people what to wear. That's not protecting "morality", it is dictatorship. In fact, traditionally speaking, Africans wore just a piece of cloth/skin that left a big portion of the body uncovered. Some among Masai people still use a piece of blanket to wrap around nude body. With staggering issues of unemployment, poverty, dilapidated infrastructure, corruption, disease, lack of medicine in hospitals and insecurity; president Museveni has a lot of work to do. Banning miniskirts isn't a priority. I dare say it is "un-african" to ban miniskirts. Museveni and the likes are hiding behind "African values" to unleash dictatorship on the people of Uganda. Thank God I' am a Kenyan. What are your thoughts? Should miniskirts be banned?