There is this problem of data storage; everyone in this world is looking for a better place to save their long time data. This is the data that can look like a will private monetary information, title deeds and general highly sensitive data .The internet is just one of the options where one can save his or her data but following recent events online, the internet is no longer a safe place to keep such data because the hackers are highly skilled in the job and can access any page on the web, even the police websites.

The Google inbox or the other e-mail inboxes aren’t that good either, because the data disappears after some time and so it can’t last for ten or twenty or even fifty years. Therefore, this world has changed in to a digital world!! Ninety percent of the records are stored in the digital form prompting the high demand for e-data storage facilities.

No one person on this planet can build his or her own such facilities .You will need satellites, and hardware the likes that Google and Microsoft own in order to be able to run such facilities. Because of this, this world badly needs these facilities and there aren’t many options. The mobile phone is just but one of this options.

Because of this, we are asking Kenya’s’ biggest mobile phone operator, Safaricom, and the other mobile phone services providers, to start providing the Kenyan people with such[i] services. Everyone can buy a line on the network fill in the personal identification details and then load in the data and then throw the key to the Safaricom company ,just incase someone picked it without you knowing and accessed the sensitive data.

It Is time somebody did something about this!!!