Last week the Nairobian newspaper carried news about   The Prophetess Mary Akatsa .IT said that she didn’t accept that a person who ones visited her shrine dressed in a turbine and white long rob, the type that pictures  of the ancient Hebrews  in the Holy Bible have, wasn’t  Jesus Christ.

She deserves all the respect for her boldness and clarity proving to the world how much she knows in what she is doing .That enough is enough to make everyone to know that the woman knows what Jesus looks like!!!! Whether they have met before or not, nobody knows, but judging from the situation, she is in a position to know that better than the rest of mankind.

While none of us existed in the times that Jesus Christ taught on this planet to be able to claim that we know how Jesus Christ looks like in the face, And there is no other evidence that is left except for the recorded writings, still there is no way that any human being to claim to be able to identify Jesus Christ in our present times.

The thing is that everything about Christianity is now history and there is no way that you can prove that what is happening in the religion is true and that it one time existed or happened. Because of these I would like to ask the prophetess and all Christians in general on how we can identify Jesus Christ and all the forefathers of Christianity in this world instead of doing guessing .The person who visited the prophetess might be Jesus Christ, what makes you deny that he wasn’t?? And why didn’t she call him in front of the crowds and ask him!!

As for me, I have met Jesus Christ before and it is very dangerous to make decisions out of human reasoning .Always go to the altar and inquire for guidance. She can call me for a two minute chat about Jesus Christ and for assurance that what she is doing in her shrine is true and exists; she isn’t a lunatic as she might look before the eyes of normal mankind.She can contact me via this website.

Be careful not to make the same mistake, two thousand and thirteen years is too far before you were born and, you can’t even know what happened then .Always consult from the shrine!!!!