Much has been said about the deduction of the peoples salaries in order to help the government to contain the budget .It was said that they are spending more than the power of the revenue can provide.That is according to the president and his staff though.But for us out here,this ain’t gonna be possible!!! The people had grown used to eating well, drinking enough and having enough of everything from the supermarkets ,so whatever the governments plans on the twenty percent pay cuts on all civil servants is still a dream until when it will have been proved a reality !!

The truth is that it is the government to blame for such serious mistakes ! Can you readers believe this ?? They approved the peoples salaries ,now they want the salaries reduced and it will be voluntarily !!IT will be the salaries enumeration commissions mistakes ,they will have to acrry the cross and don’t blame any Kenyan citizen or intimidate anyone!!

The salaries commission should have calculated that thing right at the beginning and not go about expecting us to again to part with some part of it. This will be very hard and the government will have to bear with the situation and please Mr. President, don’t burden me,in the slums , with more taxes. Just use your own techniques to recover what deffiencies there might be in the budget from elsewhere but please don’t come back to my pay pack.

MY advice to the country as a whole is to have the salaries commission re-do what they did and do the calculations well and then ask for the people’s opinion first before they can approve it.

Their calculations should match with the current economic conditions in the country, otherwise ,I ain’t willing to part with even a cent of my dough !!!