By Jebiwot Bischef

Representation was not and never will be our problem but rather poor systems, small national cake, and insufficient resources for government to provide a levelling playing field for all Kenyans to thrive and pursue their wellbeing. Unfortunately we were looking at governance from a very narrow prism. We thought that the National cake was so big and we needed ´our own` to guard it and get the most for our regions / districts/ counties/ tribes. That is why the tribal / nepotism card plays a big role in almost every election. We think that if óur´man or woman is there then we will be guaranteed a share.

Take the women representatives for instance. We thought that women would be better off having their own in the ´high house´ but it was common sense that the women going there was not going to increase the size of the cake, but rather thin it. Women reps earn in my speculation for sure with benefits and all about min 1 million Kenya shillings a month. It would have been prudent for women to lobby for a share of national resources dedicated to women and entrenched in the constitution rather than having that million go into one pocket. By now women would be getting resources that they badly need to improve their wellbeing.

This is the same with the MPs and the Senate. Honestly speaking, if we would devolve resources to the ground with robust systems and policies, we would need a very small legislature. Kenya today is faced with domination of poverty and underdevelopment and the situation is worsened by lack of resources. We need a handful of leaders that are bold to cut through the middle and provide creative solutions. We need to free all resources by every means to build the structures and infrastructure and the enablers for development.

My recommendation for a new governance structure is one man, one woman from each county. Strengthen the counties and devolve all systems and create water tight systems and rules of operation. The masses in the counties must rise to the challenge of holding their leaders accountable.